{In war, truth is the first casualty}

-Aeschylus (525 BCE – 426 BCE)


A man in Aleppo, Syria films a jet as it passes overhead. It had just bombed a house in the street some 15 minutes before. [Executive/Sam Tarling]


Today, when you turn on the television or open up a newspaper, you will most likely come across a news story relating to violence or conflict. In this era of globalization, we increasingly interested with populations and issues outside of our borders. These reports, provided by journalists and news organizations, give us insight into spaces we cannot access or do not dare. As much as we consume stories of conflict spread across pages in our morning papers, how often do we think about how such news is constructed? How is it disseminated to us? Who are the key actors?

The Conflict Medium: Constructing Stories About Conflict in the Mainstream News is a research blog dedicated to exploring how situations of conflict are covered by the mainstream news. This blog will introduce the actors, dive into the professional world of journalists, give access to interviews with journalists who cover conflict, introduce journalism theories that are shaping the industry today, and look at how new technology is influencing the way conflict is covered. I invite readers to provide input and share their own ideas in order to help expand and explore this topic further.